Frequently Asked Questions


What is a referral?

A referral is a written recommendation or a prescription from your Primary Care Provider to have the patient evaluated by a specialist such as an orthopedic surgeon.  Referrals are required by some insurance companies to authorize payment to the specialist.

Does my insurance company require referrals?

The best way to answer this questions is to contact your insurance company directly, using the telephone number on your insurance card.

Generally, HMO plans require referrals and PPO/POS plans do not.  Your insurance company can provide a more thorough answer, as all plans are different.

How do I obtain a referral?

To get a referral, contact your Primary Care Provider and have them fax it to us at 609-689-2607.

What should I bring with me when I come for my appointment?

  • Your insurance information and documentation
  • Copies of surgical records, medical records, x-rays, MRIs, CT scans from prior doctor visits.
  • If you have seen a physiotherapist, please bring a progress letter from the therapist.
  • If you have had surgery for this problem elsewhere, please bring a copy of your operation report.

Where are my disability forms?

We understand that disability forms are an urgent matter for some of our patients.  The staff at Champion Orthopedics appreciates your understanding that disability forms are completed on a first-come first-served basis and may take 3-4 business days to process.

What is the cost of completing disability forms?

All State and Federal disability forms are completed at no charge to the patient.  All other forms (including FMLA and work forms) cost $15.00 per form to process.  It is the patient's obligation to pay this fee.  Personal checks, cash and credit cards (Discover, Visa & Mastercard) are accepted methods of payment.

I have a form that I need filled out.  What do I do with it?

Present your form(s) to our front office staff.  They will inform you of the cost and ask how you want the completed forms handled.  You may choose to pick them up, or have them faxed or mailed to you.


I was hurt at work.  What should I do?

Most employers are equipped with Worker's Compensation insurance.  Report your injury to your Supervisor/Manager and they will direct you.

In most cases, your employer's Worker's Compensation company will choose which doctor you will see.  If they refer you to Champion Orthopedics, call our office and we will set up an appointment for you (see below).

Worker's Compensation has referred me to Champion Orthopedics.  Now what?

We will need some information before we set up your appointment:

  • The name of your Worker's Compensation company.
  • The name of your adjustor/case manager.
  • Your adjustor/case manager's phone and fax numbers.
  • The billing address where we will send your claim.
  • Your claim number, issued by your Worker's Compensation company.

Once we contact your adjustor and obtain authorization, we can schedule your appoinment.


Can I speak to the doctor directly when I call?

Champion Orthopedics is staffed by a well-trained group of administrative and medical assistants.  The staff are able to handle the majority of all patient inquires.  If your questions have not been sufficiently answered by the staff, a request will be made to have your doctor call you.  As always, we appreciate your patience and cooperation.

I received a bill in the mail and I would like to pay it.  How do I do this?

MedPro handles billing matters for Champion Orthopedics.  Patients should call MedPro toll-free at (866) 633-7768 to arrange payment.

My doctor told me I need surgery.  When will my operation be scheduled?

Once our surgical coordinator has had a chance to review your case, she will call you with instructions and will set up a date and time that is convenient for you and your surgeon.  This typically takes 1-2 business days.

My question has not been answered.  What should I do?

Phone lines are open at Champion Orthopedics Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 4:30pm.  Any of our staff members would be more than happy to take your call and answer your questions.

Call our office to make an appointment: 609-689-2603

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